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Paolo Cristofoletti was born in 1971 in Rome
With scientific education (lecturer in mathematics, physics and science who teaches at international governement institutions) he is an autodidact with natural deep passion for drawing, painting and illustration
He draws and paints images that blend his emotional universe into a surrealist landscapes, as he say in a sort of "Silence of the Talking Colored Forms"
He attended courses and seminar
s at Académie La G
rande-Chaumiere in Paris and Accademia di Belle Arti di Macerata ‘Ars in Fabula’, creating personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and overseas
His works are collected and exhibited in Roma, Bolzano, Paris, London, Johannesburg, New York, Amman e Dubai
He lives between Roma and Paris
His works are carefully created, drawn and painted only 'by hand', using différent techniques and materials

\ main expositions  


2008 Roma | Studio 420 | Watercolour & Oil

2009 Roma | Studio 420 | Olio & China

2010 Paris | Galeries 'La Fayette' | Illustration & Affiches | China & Watercolour

2010 Roma | Arte PerOGGI 

2011  Roma | Arte PerOGGI

2015 Roma | Teatro Dioscuri "emergenze contemporanee" (catalogo)

2016 Paris | Anatomical Illustration - Academia de la G.C.


2009 Roma | RETRO' | China & Watercolors

2010 Paris | Galerie Charlot | Oil & China
2010 Paris |  Pont des Arts | Pastel & Watercolor
2011 Paris | Pont des Arts | Pastel & Watercolor

2011 Paris | Library des Deux coeurs | Illustration & Affiches | China & Watercolour

\ prize selection

Premio Celeste / Premio Terna / Talent Prize / Premio Arte Laguna / Monumento 'Bambino non nato'

\ Membro dell'Associazione Illustratori AI e AIF

\ illustrated book

“L’Aborto è una dis-favola umana… che inizia con c’era una volta… ma non ha, mai, un lieto fine…” - dott. Prof. Marinella Canale | Casa Editrice indipendente

ITA biography Paolo Cristofoletti
ITA biography Paolo Cristofoletti
Paolo Cristofoletti | Pittore | Illustratore | Visual Creative Designer | Painter | Illustrator